Copying annotation on iPad?

Hi, on the desktop version of zotero I can click to select a highlight I've previously made, copy, and then paste it to my notes (obsidian).

I can't see a way of doing that with iOS zotero - there's no copy button when I go back to an existing highlight and reactivate it. Is there a workaround, please?
  • No, that's not yet possible in the iOS app.
  • Thanks @dstillman, is it possible for it to be considered for the roadmap, please?
  • edited April 28, 2022
    Yes, this is planned — there are just various things that will need to be implemented first before it can happen (Markdown export, zotero:// link support, etc.).
  • Understood. Thank you for all the developments to zotero, by the way. The change in functionality over the past year is amazing.
  • Hi, I'm returning to this, and wondering if this is still planned for delivery. Or even just to be able to add to an existing Zotero note rather than a third party tool?
  • It's planned, but it's still a ways off. For now, the desktop app is the place to use annotations and notes together.
  • looking forward to this feature on ipad.
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