Will multiple zotero profiles be synced when used seperately?

I want to create different profiles for different uses follow the guide https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/multiple_profiles, and I am wondering will the new items and data of new profile will replace the old profile in the zotero online databases?
Thanks for your help!
  • You need a separate account for each profile that you want to sync -- otherwise, sync will combine the contents of all synced profiles (you can choose to not sync any given profile, of course).
  • @adamsmith Thanks a lot for your kindly reply, it solved my doubts.
  • Hi @adamsmith, I have a similar question. I've created multiple profiles and would like to associate them each with a different account (different emails/logins), but when I set up syncing via Preferences -> Sync -> Settings, the profile syncs *across profiles* rather than just for the one profile.

    I get the message:
    "This Zotero database was last synced with a different account ("account1") from the one you are attempting to sync ("account2"). If you continue, all Zotero libraries associated with the "account1" account will be removed from this computer."

    What's the proper way to connect 1 profile to 1 account and prevent the syncing of an account across profiles? Thank you in advance!
  • Make sure the data directories are specified as different directories. That should automatically be the case, but if it isn't, you can set a custom data directory for each profile.
  • Hi @adamsmith, thank you for your response; that's what I wondered. I manually created two separate folders in my file directory, changed the data directory for each profile, and for now it seems to be working!
  • I have a similar problem. I used Zotero with one profile and sync account. Then I added a second profile with the -p flag. This seems to be a complete copy of the first one. When I now want to switch the sync account it prompts that this will delete all syncs with the other account. Is that still safe to do?
  • @gernophil Have you tried manually creating a different folder in your file system and then changing the file directory to those folders within Zotero? That's how I solved the problem.
  • A yes. Thanks for clarifying. I mixed up the data folder with the profile folder :). Now, everything works.
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