[Bug] Highlights do not align with text in PDF

edited April 26, 2022
For one particular PDF, when I highlight passages the highlights do not align with the actual text of the PDF. Strangely when I highlight that same PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, or even in the Zotero iPad app, the highlights perfectly align with the text as usual.

Additional information: it does seem to extract the entire sentences from said highlights in the Annotation tab. It seems to be a visual bug. Also, the left-hand side of the highlights seems normal/aligned with the text; it's the right-hand side highlights that look like a rotated histogram.
  • Operating system: Windows 11 Pro, 21H2.
    Zotero build: 6.0.6-beta.3+7a06671ec.
  • Having this same issues with highlights misaligning for certain PDF's, and only on desktop Zotero for MacOS, aligns fine on iOS or Acrobat
  • Zotero 7 beta will be out soon with an updated PDF reader, so you should test with that when it comes out and let us know if the problem persists.
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