macOS Upgrade Required warning on upgraded OS

I'm getting the warning to upgrade macOS to 11.4 or higher, but I'm running Big Sur (11.6.5). Any reason this is being triggered? Anything I'm missing by not being on Monterey in terms of Zotero's functionality or stability?

Screenshot of the warning:

This is triggered by interacting with Zotero in every Word document.

macOS: 11.6.5
Zotero: 6.0.4
Word: 16.60 (22041000)
  • Please in Zotero go into Tools -> Developer -> Run JavaScript, run this script and report the results back here.
  • The result is "11.6.5".
  • Could you install the Zotero Beta and produce a Debug ID for a Word operation that triggers the warning? Installing the Beta won't affect your data and you can revert to the stable Zotero version afterward.
  • Can do, but won't be able to do so until tomorrow. This is a managed machine so the software has to either live in a Jamf Self Service server or be installed by the IT team directly.

    I'll update tomorrow once the beta is installed.
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    @adomasven, debug id: D1297274713.

    1. Installed the beta.
    2. Enabled debug logging.
    3. Opened a document with existing Zotero citations.
    4. Hit "Document Preferences" in Zotero tab in Word.
    5. Error window popped up.
    6. Hit OK.
    7. Disabled logging.
  • Great! This will be fixed with the next release of Zotero. Thanks for reporting and helping troubleshoot!
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    @stjepanovic The fix is now available with Zotero 6.0.6.
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