Keep main tab fixed

The main tab (with list of titles) is a seperate thing from all the other open tabs (which usually contain PDFs). When I open two many tabs, I frequently loose my main tab, which I however need often to open or search new files. While there are left-right arrows to move between tabs when they extend the size of the screen, I think it would be nice to be able to pin the main tab on the left so that it does not get hidden. I would even argue to give it a distinct colour so that it is easy to find. It would also be nice to have a key command to go "home" to the main tab.
  • @burgarth . I, too, had this concern. I found two "work arounds:"

    1. Ctrl-1 (on Windows) takes you to the first tab, which is My Library.

    2. Right-click on any tab, and click "Show in Library."

    But yes, a pinned tab might be nice. Or a "Return to My Library" button (Next to Toggle Sidebar)? This would make it a one click return to My Library, instead of needing to move my hands for a keyboard combination for #1. Or two clicks (perish the thought!) for #2.

    Neither of those two cons is a game changer. I can live with them (I mean, I'm not so efficient in my work that they really waste any time or energy)...but yes, an easier option would be nice.

  • Thanks @arggem, Ctrl-1 is a simple solution which helps me a lot.
  • Note also that you can close PDF tabs with Ctrl/Cmd+W
  • Ctrl/Cmd-1 is great if you know about it, but pinning the library tab still might make sense, at least while there can only be one library tab in a window.
  • edited May 7, 2022
    I'm not sure when the pinned "My Library" tab showed up. I just noticed it today. I like it!

    Thanks, Dan.

    Edit: I'm on the beta release.
  • The library tab is pinned in Zotero 6.0.7, available now.
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