suggestion: citing multiple papers once like endnote OR mendeley

edited April 26, 2022
now it is 2022/4/26

Hello everyone!

When citing multiple documents in zotero using word, zotero itself provides two methods. One is the search box, which requires entering the titles of the documents one at a time in order to retrieve them, which is undoubtedly tedious. The other method is to select multiple sources by means of the classic dialog box; this method is slightly more convenient than the search box. But still, you can only click on a document, then add it, then click on another document, then add it again, instead of selecting multiple documents at once and adding them directly to the cited source. Is it possible to develop a plugin that makes it as easy as endnote for zotero to cite multiple documents, which is one of the few things that zotero does not do as well as endnote?

This is a solution that I know, although it still does not work as well as ENDNOTE. Some people have used the citiation key of betterBIBTEX, together with the macro command of quicker, to achieve direct bulk citation after selecting multiple papers in zotero( However, the logic of this method is to copy the citation key of each selected article in turn and paste it into the citation search box, and the citation speed of this method is also very slow, which is lower than the current classic dialog box method, not to mention the comparison with endnote.

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