new version Zotero PDF reader : not able to cope individual comment

I yesterday update to latest 6.0.5, but found I can not copy the individual annotation directly in the pdf.

This function is very handy when I work with Roam.

Is that possible to enable this feature with setting?
  • How exactly are you trying to copy?
  • I try to get the quote of the annotation, together with the page link and paper link, exactly the "quick copy" function for annotations notes can offer.

    please refer my screenshot:

    Actually, the last released version (maybe 6.0.3) can support this. Please just do not disable this function, but offer flexibility in the new version.

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    I'm a bit confused as to what you're reporting. The screenshot shows this working, no? Is that from 6.0.5, or are you saying that's from 6.0.3 and it doesn't work in 6.0.5? What happens in 6.0.5?

    See Steps to Reproduce for the exact kind of description of the problem we need.
  • The screenshot is what I expect. I get the text with a workaround, not by directly copying the individual annotation.

    I think you can simply have a try with your 6.0.5 version. If you follow this step:
    1. start Zotero.
    2. open a pdf with the internal Zotero pdf reader.
    3. highlight any sentence.
    4. click into this sentence.
    5. press hotkey Ctrl +C.

    you will get nothing copied with version 6.0.5.

    But if you could do the same steps in an old version 6 (for example 6.0.3, or maybe 6.0), you will get a formatted text copied as I illustrated in the screenshot.

    I hope now it's clear. And please let me know if it's still confusing.
  • That's working fine for us in 6.0.5.

    Can you provide a Debug ID for doing this?
  • After upgrading to version 6.0.6, I found this function back again.

    Thank you for your kind help!
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