"add note" in Word

i wonder about the "add note" in Word.
(not the "add child note" or "add standalone note" in zotero)
when selecting a note, all of its content is inserted in the Word document, while it would be much more useful if, for notes containing annotations (passages extracted from the source), one could choose inside the note which specific annotation to insert.

while, for the notes in Zotero, i think it could be useful if one could link (relate) 2 different annotations contained in 2 different notes pertaining to 2 different sources - a passage extracted from book1 to another passage extracted from book2.

  • Hi Maurizio,

    I know that this response is quite a time after you asked your question, but I have been searching for similar forum posts.

    The second part of what you have described is possible in Zotero. You can refer notes to one another via links, and cite any document you would like to refer to. You can drag-and-drop any annotation from any document into any note.
    Some of what I have described may be a result of the plug-in BetterNotes, which allows for a hierarchical organisation of notes-within-notes. You should consider it for your purposes described.

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