outdated word plugin brought by Zotero itself?

i have the problem of "word plugin outdated".
even if i update it with the preferences menu, nothing changes.
if i open the Zotero package in order to get from there the zotero plugin, there i have a zotero.dotm which apparently is not the same which one gets when directly downloading from https://github.com/zotero/zotero-word-for-windows-integration/raw/master/install/Zotero.dotm
that which comes with zotero weighs around 38K, that in the website weighs around 50k.

so the two are definitely different. which one is the right one?

  • dotm files are zip files. so i opened the "38k" and the "51k" dotm's in order to find a creation date or a version number. inside the dotm packages there is a core.xml file.

    the core.xml of the "38k dotm" contains a string 2021-03-17

    the core.xml of the "51k dotm" contains a string 2022-03-22

    so apparently the "38k.zotero.dotm" contained in the zotero6 package is older than the "51k.zotero.dotm" which can be downloaded form the website.

  • PS: the two versions can be visually distinguished by the icon of unlink citations in the Zotero menu:
    older (38Kb) dotm has a breaking chain link icon for unlink citations
    newer (51Kb) dotm has a green dot icon for unlink citations
  • PPS: but the "51k" dotm gives a Word runtime error if you try to insert a note ("file not found user32")
  • if i open the Zotero package in order to get from there the zotero plugin, there i have a zotero.dotm
    I'm not sure what you mean by "Zotero package". Zotero 6.0.5 comes with the latest, 51KB .dotm file. You can see by downloading the 6.0.5 ZIP, unzipping it, and looking in 'extensions/zoteroWinWordIntegration@zotero.org/install'.
  • Hi dstillman,
    i am on mac.
    here the "app" is really a package containing a lot of things.
    opening the package is the same that on windows going to extensions/zoteroWinWordIntegration@zotero.org/install

    i just downloaded zotero 6.0.5 from the home of website.
    i then opened the package and verified that in .../extensions/zoteroWinWordIntegration@zotero.org/install, zotero.dotm is the version last modified in 2021.
    which apparently is older than the version released through the website.
  • i checked, inside the exe install of Zotero for Windows there is zotero.dotm "51Kb" which is the version last modified in March 2022

  • hi adamsmith,
    thanks for the suggested link which i was not able to find among the messages in the forum.
    i downloaded the plugin from the above link, and manually installed it in the startup Word folder.
    it runs, but ...zotero informs me that i have an outdated Word plugin :-))
    i have no worry for the outdated plugin as far as it is working well.

    but a little curiosity remains for "what am i missing in the updated plugin?"

  • Can you provide a Debug ID for getting that error?

    (The application obviously comes with the latest version for each platform, so you don't need to download that directly. We provide a link with manual installation instructions on Windows because security software is more likely to delete the .dotm file, and it's a little easier to troubleshoot that with a direct download.)
  • D1831427530
  • did you get the output?
  • edited April 23, 2022
    The Debug ID has to actually cover triggering the operation in question. Yours doesn't show anything related to the Word plugin.
  • hmmm...
    i activated the DebugID, got the error message about the outdated plugin, went back to Zotero, and saved the log.
    probably i must answer the error message.
    i retry
  • retried.
    DebugID D101198535

    the error messages brought me to update the plugin (but obviously the zotero.dotm installed this way is not the one specific for mac available in github)

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    Can you produce a Debug ID for the error about the outdated plugin? Oh sorry, I just realized you did, the attempt to install the plugin at the end threw me off.

    In Word when using the Zotero plugin do you see an "Add Note" button? Do you trigger the Zotero interaction from the Zotero tab with the button or from somewhere else (like quick access Word bar or a keyboard shortcut)?
  • yes, i see an Add note button
    i trigger the Zotero interaction from the Zotero Menu (the series of menus tarting with home, insert, etc.) and then the button "add citation"
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    "Add Citation" isn't a button. I assume you mean "Add/Edit Citation"?
  • Can you install the latest Zotero beta and provide another Debug ID for getting the error with that?
  • do i risk something in installing this beta?
    or: this beta is one of those who make impossible to revert to the previous stable release?
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    No/No. You can switch back immediately after.
  • done.
    must i also (re-)install the word plugin from this beta?
  • submitted with debug ID D1497033495
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    must i also (re-)install the word plugin from this beta?
    No, though there's no harm in clicking the button in the Cite pane of the preferences and restarting Word.
  • @m.lana Could you go into Word Preferences -> Ribbon and Toolbar and tick the "Developer" checkbox in the list on the right (if it's not ticked). Then open the Zotero.dotm file that you have placed in your Word startup folder? If prompted to enable macros - agree. Then go into the Developer tab and click "Visual Basic". In the left pane navigate to Zotero (Project) -> Modules and double-click "Zotero". A text editor with some code will open. Copy the contents of the editor, paste them somewhere online (like pastebin.com) and post a link here.
  • If you restart Zotero, then place the cursor in the Word Zotero Visual Basic code on the line that reads CallZotero ("addEditCitation") and press the "Run Sub/User Form" button in the Visual Basic editor (which looks like a Play button in audio apps) do you get a prompt from Zotero about an outdated template?
  • no, i get the document preferences window (citation style etc.)
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