All library entries suddenly duplicated

I synced my library today from a computer that I don't normally use and now all of the items in my library have been duplicated-there are two of everything. Any ideas of how to deal with this efficiently and effectively please?
  • The details on that thread are a little different, but the explanation and recovery is essentially the same.

    Basically, if you still have a recent, unduplicated copy of your Zotero library, you should make a backup copy of that entire Zotero data directory, turn off autosync (which you can do via Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions -> Zotero -> Preferences/Options -> Sync without opening the Zotero pane), and then reset to the server from the Sync->Reset pane.
  • Thank you Dan. I actually did that whilst waiting for some advice on the forum as it seemed like a workable solution (luckily had a backup). I see from the other post that it was a matter of upgrading and syncing from two computers.
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