Can't sort by attachment

In 6.0.5 I can't seem to be able to sort by 'attachment'. That was very useful for getting different types of links and attachments together. Among other things, it was a useful way to find broken attachments. Is there another way to achieve this kind of sorting?
  • Can confirm in 6.0.6.
  • Yep, this doesn't work anymore for me either. Here's what the debug output says

    (2)(+0000017): Storing itemTree item-tree-main-default column prefs

    (3)(+0000000): itemTree.render(). Displaying Item Tree

    See D2060466528
  • Any news on this?
  • This is supposed to be fixed in v6.0.9, only it isn't.

    The top third of my items appear correctly sorted, and then the order looks random. In case it is relevant, I only have links to files, not actual attachments, and it worked just fine here before v6.

    I also tried different columns for secondary sorting.
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