Few suggestions for note editor and PDF view

Firstly, I have to say I love the new pdf viewer/note editor features in Zotero 6. This greatly improves the research workflow. Thank you to all the Zotero devs!

I have few suggestions for improvements that can be considered.

1) Ability to make the note editor box larger. Right now, when typing long notes, the small box makes it difficult to read/edit the notes without having to scroll up and down.

2) Ability to right click and fix spelling errors. Right now the note editors shows spelling errors, but I am unable to right click on the word to show suggested corrections and fix the typo.

3) Ability to add custom colors and opacity for highlighting. Not a major need but just an idea.

4) In the PDF viewer, it would be great to have a toggle button to hide or unhide existing annotations. If I am viewing a PDF that already contains highlights/notes, but I want to read it without distractions of existing annotations, I can click on the button to hide the annotations.

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