A couple of feature requests for pdf viewer on Zotero6

As asked on other various discussions a split view option like in Skim or Okular/Konqueror pdf viewers would it be great
* https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/88482/pdf-reader-feature-request-open-the-same-pdf-twice-in-split-screen
* https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/91998/split-the-same-pdf-into-two-horizotal-panes
* https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/96320/feature-request-view-references-in-pdf
* https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/93120/feature-request-preview-references-or-figures-in-build-in-pdf-reader

I am conscious of the Shift-double-click a PDF to open it in a new window suggestion by @dstillman, but it is not the same.

Another option, would be allowing to see at two tabs (which could be pdf's or the main zotero view) simultaneously, as in Vivaldi browser (https://help.vivaldi.com/desktop/tabs/tab-tiling/).

Another feature request would be having the chance of invert colour, also like in Okular or Acrobat pdf viewers (https://docs.kde.org/stable5/en/okular/okular/configaccessibility.html, https://www.howtogeek.com/258313/how-to-invert-the-colors-in-a-pdf-file-in-adobe-acrobat-reader-for-easier-nighttime-reading/).

Thank you!
  • We've added a Duplicate Tab context-menu option in Zotero 6.0.6, available now.
  • Thank you VERY much for adding this feature! Some papers include graphs or tables, and this feature allows readers to have a tab open to the graph or table in one part of the paper and (with "Move Tab to a New Window") also to read discussion that is on a different page of the same paper (it helps to have multiple screens or a wide screen).

    Here is my suggestion: Suppose a Zotero User has opened a PDF and "Move Tab to a New Window." In the stand-alone window, under the View menu, please add a choice like "Duplicate to New Window" that would allow users to have multiple windows open TO THE SAME PDF.

    This is not a high priority request, because it is currently possible to have a Tab open to a paper, duplicate tab, then "Move Tab to a New Window."
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