PDF reader feature request: open the same pdf twice in split screen

This is necessary to view and mark up both main text and footnotes of a book at the same time.

This could be done in one of two ways:

1. Include split screen as a feature in Zotero PDF reader, and allow users to open the same pdf on both sides.

2. Include an option in Zotero preferences to automatically import/convert external annotations. Users will be able to open the document in an external PDF reader, view in split screen via iOS/Mac OS, and mark up the external version counting on those annotations to appear as editable in Zotero later on.

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    This is why I still need to use Skim for pdf reading.
  • I use a horizontal split screen in Acrobat constantly to view endnotes below the main text. Would love a feature like this.
  • Not quite the same thing, but note that you can open a PDF in a separate window, even if it's open in a tab, by Shift-double-clicking in the items list.
  • @dstillman makes a good suggestion, but there is a use common case which can be significantly improved by viewing all of these three things at the same time:

    - Zotero library
    - PDF main content
    - PDF references section

    This use case presents when reviewing a PDF as part of a lit review and adding/categorising multiple references from that PDF to the Zotero library.

    Adding a split view feature (such as in Acrobat or Word) would make this super easy, so I'd +1 this feature request for sure.
  • +1
    It is effectively to read the paper and check the figure which is on another page
  • Appreciate @dstillman's suggestion as a workaround to open the same pdf twice – and would nevertheless like a genuine split window option as suggested by the OP (option 1). Thanks for considering.
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    was just looking for this feature. Will be using an external editor in the meantime, but it would be great if it is integrated with Zotero
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    This feature would be really helpful. If this is to be adopted, please consider adding vertical as well as horizontal split screen mode. Many articles in Japanese are written vertically, in which case horizontal split screen does not come in handy.
  • +1
    I frequently need to check the references while reading a paper. This feature will be really helpful.
  • Not a split view, but we've added a Duplicate Tab context-menu option in Zotero 6.0.6, available now.
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