Complete upload to WebDav. Debug ID: D1090468412.


this morning while syncing zotero proceeded to upload my entire collection (700+ items) to the WebDav server. This is the first time I open Zotero on this laptop since the shift from daylight savings to standard time. I wander if this is somehow connected. Both the laptop and the server have automatically shifted to standard time.

I stopped the sync, enabled the debug output and restarted firefox. The debug ID is D1090468412. I am not sure how helpful it will be because id does not include the initial sync.
  • We've never actually reproduced anything like this, but you're not the first to encounter something like this on Windows or Linux. We'll look into it.
  • Thanks Dan.

    It happened also on my linux machine (first sync since the time change). The debug ID is D194006941.
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