Group profile descriptions not showing in public view after editing one of them

I tried adding a link to (ironically to this: - as I have received feedback requesting this), and then the profile description disappeared from public view. Alas, the profile descriptions for all my other group libraries also disappeared from public view.

Relatedly, I've tried unsuccessfully adding a link to my own profile description.
  • You should seeing them all again.
    Some changes get flagged as looking like potential spam and hides your content from public until it's reviewed.
  • Thanks! The group library profile descriptions are now showing again in public view.
  • Same problem here, for

    I set this up a long time ago though, and now don't recall if the description ever appeared on the landing page, or if this is a new issue for me. It certainly isn't appearing now, and I also tested adding/removing images, links, all the text, various browsers etc. to no avail... although the description does show up on the group search pages.

    Is there a way to know if something is awaiting review, or other error logs somewhere? It otherwise just seems to be totally opaque to the user.
  • It seems to be working again now, so thanks very much to whomever fixed it!
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