Duplicate annotations after running "Add Note from Annotations" multiple times

edited April 20, 2022
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  • apologies if i am on the wrong thread. very much enjoying discovering Zotero.

    i am running Zotero 6 - first the production 6.0.4 and then later the
    beta 6.0.5-beta.6+5d442b706

    i am using only the built-in pdf reader for making annotations.

    if i select an item with a pdf attachment, open the pdf and highlight some text - then choose the item and click "Add Note from Annotations" i get a new markdown attachment with my just highlighted text and a page reference. [ok so far]

    if i then highlight some OTHER text then choose the item again and click "Add Note from Annotations" i get a 2nd new markdown attachment with *BOTH* highlights and page references.

    In other words the annotations are "duplicated" in the generated notes. (Note sure if this is the issue on this thread). As far as i can tell it doesn't involve the pdf rendering of the notes - that seems to work fine.

    It's as if this "Add note from annotations" is cumulative. That would be great if it's by design - but in that case is there some way to automatically remove the earlier (now redundant) notes?

    Maybe i am missing the intended workflow for using these notes.
  • (Please always start new threads for new issues — the thread you posted to isn't related. If you ever have any doubt, it's much better to start a new one. I've moved this to a new thread.)

    If you run "Add Note from Annotations" again, that just creates a new note from all the current annotations in the PDF. There's no connection to any previous notes you created. You would generally run that after you've made all your annotations and before you want to start turning the annotations into a draft, either in the note editor or an external editor.

    We've talked about the possibility of being able to update a note with the latest annotations, but that would only be a possibility if it hadn't been edited at all since it was created.
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