Smoother Annotated Bibliography

edited April 18, 2022
If I want to add an annotated bibliography for Chicago, say, the bibliography pulls all information currently in the "Extra" field. However, my Extra fields often include excess information (e.g. citation count). The Chicago option pulls that excess information. Is there a way to specify which information should uniquely be in the bibliographic annotation?

(For example, an "Annotation: XYZ" like "Original date: XYZ" or "Publication: XYZ" in the Extra field)
  • Yes, Annote: XYZ creates a valid variable and we can at a minimum tell you how to change the existing code to use that instead (it's literally just adding two letters to the style)
  • Yes, that would be perfect. Thank you in advance!
  • In the style, find variable="note" and replace it with variable="annote"

    Then change the style title and id at the top of the style, save, and install into Zotero
  • to confirm I change "note" to "annote" at the bottom where it says:

    The id is a zotero link. Does it matter what I change the id to?

  • Nevermind, I got it. Thanks so much!
  • No, you can change it to anything at all. The id is what is checked for style updates, so you need to change to anything else to avoid your changes being overwritten
  • Perfect, thanks!
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