Open snapshot in new tab

Right now, whenever I want to read a newspaper article or another type of snapshot i have saved to my Zotero folder, I manually open a new tab, and then double click the entry from the list of items in the Zotero window. If I want to open multiple snapshots in one go, I have to follow through the process of opening new tab and selecting the appropriate snapshot for each item.

I was wondering if it would be possible, and of interest, to add the ability to open items you click on the same way regular browsing works. I'm of course referring to clicking a link with the middle mouse or ctrl+left-clicking. It would be a nice way of opening snapshots without having to go through the process of opening new tabs. With that said, I have noticed that I can ctrl+click items, and they will open in a new tab, but it will only open a single one, and after that I will only get a message saying I can't open any more. Which is odd when I have multiple snapshots at the same time by opening a new tab manually for each snapshot.

I think I might be rambling, but you should get the idea.
  • The View/View Snapshot button in the right-hand pane supports the standard Firefox modifier keys—e.g., Cmd-Shift-click or Ctrl-Shift-click to open in a new front tab. (Supporting them in the middle pane doesn't really work because they have alternative behaviors in the list.)
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