linked attachment paths: will they still sync if i uncheck "File Sync > Sync attachment files"?

see title. apologies again if this is a duplicate; but i've been looking for a bit, and i couldn't find an answer.


Basically all my attachments will be linked files, via zotfile. But it seems zotfile doesn't automatically change attachments for items that were:
-generated by zotero via drag/drop'd attachments
-generated by browser connectors

which is basically how all my items/attachments are added. So I guess this means that whenever I initially add an item/attachment, it will always be synced to zotero (if "sync attachment files" is checked). But then it's immediately deleted since I always move/rename the attachments via zotfile afterwards. Seems like a waste?
  • also i realized i forgot to clarify: I want to make sure that linked attachment paths are synced. So i'm just wondering if "File Sync > Sync attachment files" needs to be checked for this to happen.
  • No,.it doesn't need to be checked. Links always sync
  • Perfect, thanks!
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