Zotero not appearing in toolbar in Google Drive in Safari

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  • Hi I have the same problem, I used to see Zotero in my google drive in the toolbar but not anymore. I don't want to reinstall it since I'm afraid of losing my library. I clicked on install the connector but nothing changed it's still not showing up in the toolbar. Also when I went to preferences and advanced there is not an option to enable google docks or give it permission under any of the tabs.What should I do to get it in the toolbar?
  • @Carolin97: You need to have the Zotero Connector installed in your browser, and you need to be viewing a regular Google Docs document (not a .docx file).

    If you're still having trouble, provide a Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for reloading Google Docs and not seeing the Zotero menu.
  • It shows up in google chrome in the toolbar but not in safari, and it is safari I usually use. What should I do?
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    To start, make sure you actually see the Save to Zotero button in your Safari toolbar — if you don't, the extension isn't loaded at all, let alone in Google Docs. If you don't see the Save to Zotero button, see Safari Compatibility.
  • Yes I clicked on install browser connection under tools but nothing happens. What d you mean by disabling there extensions? There isn't an option to enable google docs integration under preferences and advanced, the titles under advanced are;

    - other
    - OpenURL
    - Advanced configuration

    Files and catalogues:
    - Base directory for linked attachments
    - Data directory space
    - Database maintenance


    - Sorting
    - Default values of the feed

    There isn't an option under any of these titles in advanced preferences to enable google docks integration.
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    I already moved this to a new thread — please respond here. The thread you were posting to isn't relevant for Safari, and you were responding to a message addressed to someone else from months ago. (You're also looking at the Zotero preferences, not the Zotero Connector preferences, which the other thread was referring to.) I've moved your latest message back to this thread.

    See my last message above for your situation.
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