Exporting and Importing from BibTeX: urldate/Accessed and note/Extra

When I export to BibTex from Zotero, the records in the .bib file include these fields:
- urldate, which is populated from Accessed
- note, which is populated from Extra

However, when I import from a .bib file, the urldate and note fields are not imported.

I have tried renaming them Accessed and Extra, and they still don't get imported into Zotero.

Is there any way to get these fields to import?
  • Thank you. Are there any other ways? This resolves the extra/note issue. However, I am still having problems with urldate/accessed.

    Zotero exports the contents of accessed to urldate, but I cannot find a way to have data imported to the accessed field. I have tried:
    urldate (because that is what Zotero is exporting to)
    accessed (because that is a standard CSL variable)
    accessDate (mentioned in the BBT documentation)
  • If you want help with BBT you will have to open an issue on the project page on github. My support tooling is built around github issues.
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