Adding new fields to bibliography

Hello! We use a custom Zotero style and our staff have requested the following updates to be made to the bibliographies generated in Word. Can someone please help me make these revisions to our Style?

For Documents, we would like add the URL and access date.

For a Thesis, we would like to add the URL, the University, and Thesis type (e.g., MS or

For Patents, we would like to add the URL, Assignee, and Patent Number.

Here is the Style that we use:

Thank you :)
  • One minor addition for the Patent entries - we'd also like to see the country of origin displayed.
  • Can anyone assist with this request? Thank you!
  • You can obviously try, but given scarce resources, finding a volunteer to just fix up your in-house style might be hard; we barely keep up with journal style requests.
    You're more likely to get help if you either attempt to make the modifications yourself and ask for help on specific problems, or, of course, if you have funds to pay someone.
  • Thanks for the message. We will look into alternatives...I appreciate all of the help your Team has provided us already!
  • @cleonett - I tried to have a look at the code to see if I could help, but all I got was html for a webpage rather than a style.

    Nevertheless, these are likely to be easy fixes - I recommend you try using the Visual CSL editor ( to make these changes.

    In general, the steps are:
    1. Upload your code to the Visual CSL editor.
    2. If your item types don't show in the Example citations, change the item type (go to the 'Example citations' at the top right, and change the item type - if yours doesn't show, you can export a CSL item type from Zotero and paste it in under 'Advanced'.
    3. With your citation types showing, click on the item fields that do show to see where the code is located (it will be highlighted on the side bar).
    4. Amend your code and see if it the example citation now reflects what you want.
    5. Save your code and upload (in general, best to save it with a new name and version number just in case!)

    In general, it helps to know that:
    - the 'Citations' macro ('Inline citations' in the Visual Editor) will group a bunch of other macros together. Often, something like an 'access' macro will control whether the URL displays or not. You can change the 'conditional' code to display more item types.
    - less likely, these details may be controlled by the macro 'access' itself or even by a macro related to your specific item type (which is least likely, but depends on the way the code is written).

    If you get stuck, feel free to try again with the code and I'll see if I can help, but the Visual Editor is reasonably intuitive.
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