MacOS text replacement and clipboard managers with Zotero PDF annotations

I noticed that the text field for writing PDF comment annotations in the Zotero PDF viewer doesn't play nicely with some features I am used to using in most text fields on MacOS. In particular:

1. MacOS text replacements (modifiable in System Preferences > Keyboard > Text) do not work, consistent with the fact that there is no "Substitutions > Text replacement" in the Edit menu.

2. The clipboard manager I use, FlyCut, does not work. In particular, for almost every other text field on MacOS (even in apps where text replacements are disabled), I am able to paste one of the older (i.e., not most recent) things I copied to the clipboard using the FlyCut menu bar menu. But it doesn't work for PDF comments in the Zotero PDF editor.

(I am running Zotero 6.0.5-beta.3+58a1efb16 on MacOS 10.15.2.)

Are these restrictions purposeful and/or necessary for what Zotero needs to accomplish? It would be great to change this. Thank you.

  • I second this—I rely heavily on MacOS text substitutions to reduce friction in my writing and note-taking (it saves me from manually typing out long legislation titles and oft-used concept references over and over again!).

    I love the new features in the Zotero Notes editor, especially the new block-level editing; but allowing text substitutions would be a dream!
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