Deleting a quotation mark deletes the whole annotation

as I am extensively using the new note editor, I noticed some counterintuitive behaviour - I am not sure whether it is intended this way or a bug.
When deleting the closing quotation mark of a citation in the note editor, the whole paragraph is deleted. As I often have to delete the closing quotation mark (i.e. to change their style into German quotations marks, to merge two quotes, etc.) this behaviour is a bit annoying and might be worth reconsidering!

Thank you!
  • This will be fixed in one of the upcoming Zotero updates. Thanks for reporting.
  • Perfect, thank you!
  • In 6.0.8. the problem persists at the beginning of quotes - deleting the first quotation mark still deletes the full quote. As far as I can see it's fixed for the closing quotation mark.
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