Could not save: Universidad Catolica Argentina

II'm getting a Couldn't not save item error at the UCA library, with both the folder and book icons in the address bar. (ok, this link doesn't keep the search data)...

Try this one:
Then type "religiosidad popular" as the search criteria then click "Buscar"

Report ID#: 743493139

Is there any fix for this?


Edit: fixing link
  • I just revisited the site and still had problems.

    New: Report ID: 2024229313

    Also, I just discovered that the link to the catalog expires. So... go to then click on "cátalogo en linea."

    Now type "religiosidad popular" in the search box, then click "buscar."

    Following troubleshooting translator issues:

    1. translators updated
    2. Firefox 3.5.7
    3. Zotero 2.0b7.6
    4. Zotero thinks it is using: (Library Catalog (SIRSI))
    5. As near as I can tell, I have "Accept third-party cookies" enabled. I have "remember history" enabled, but it says nothing about enabling cookies. When I change it to custom, yes, accept third-party cookies is enabled, but when I go back to check, it reverts to "remember history".
    6. I don't have problems on any other site, but did I disable all extensions
    7. No Database Integrity issues.
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