Memory leak in Zotero on Mac? (reaching 11 GB usage)

Hello everyone,

as the title suggests, I suspect that Zotero might have a memory leak on Mac OS. I am currently running version 6.0.4 on a MacBook Air M1.

Specifically, I believe that the issue might lie with the PDF viewer. Memory usage is constantly increasing, irrespective of the number of PDFs open and whether I close or open those PDFs or use Zotero at all.

To give an example: Currently, I have four PDFs open, all relatively small files with page numbers ranging from 30 to 500; only one PDF is annotated. If I open Zotero and view these four PDFs, my memory usage is around 1.4 GB. However, before I quit Zotero and reopened, the memory usage has reached 7.8 GB with the same four PDFs open. For the most part, it was also only these files that were open and I primarily engaged with one file. I've had cases in the past where I wouldn't really use Zotero all day but still had a memory usage topping 11 GB because a few PDFs were open.

My initial suspicion was that Zotero was caching each PDF that I opened and never freeing that memory, but even then the usage is way too excessive and doesn't explain how the usage would increase without any interaction (or only interaction with the same PDFs).

There are no errors or warnings in the console. You can find a sample of the process here:

Let me know if you have further questions. I hope to assist in any way I can. The memory usage really makes using Zotero a real nuisance.
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