WebDav --> google drive 2022 (Z6)

Hi community,

I'm struggling set up a webdav properly with googledrive as I have a huge pdf library 18GO+. I tried basic instructions provided here https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/webdav_services but without succes. (Still best option for me would be to use onedrive.. but didn't seems to work).

Davpocket doesn't seems to work anymore, nor the webdav bridge as I'm on a PC.

Anyone as manage to make this work and want to share is way of acheiving it :) ?

Would be deeply appreciated.

  • I have the same problem
  • I suggest using a cloud service with native WebDAV support or Zotero storage.
  • @bwiernik, any free cloud service with native webdav free under ±20 Go ? I didn't find any... and I'm not really fan of paying 120$ / year for a "free" software.. 30$ would be my max.


    Still looking for anyone who as achieved to use google drive with a webdav to enlighten me on how to set this ;)
  • You could run your own OwnCloud server
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