Zotero extension is adding a div that breaks some content early in pages

edited April 8, 2022
I am using the JAWS screen reader with Chrome and using a ProQuest platform.

The 2nd line in the aural interface that JAWS constructs from the platform is "S" and then the next line is "kip to main content".

Here's the code:

<div id="skip"><a accesskey="2" href="#start">S<div id="rtw-pin-container" class="rtw-pin-container"><div class="rtw-pin"><div class="rtw-pin-top"></div><div class="rtw-pin-bottom"></div></div></div>kip to main content</a></div>

I reported this to ProQuest but it was determined that it is the Zotero browser extension is causing it. When I turn it off, it doesn't happen.

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