Zotero on iOS - Deleting Tags from Library / Tag List


is there any way to delete Tags from your library in the iOS App, my Tag list there is very long, filled with Tags from who knows where (they aren't in my Desktop with the same Libray, synced via Webdav and Zotero), maybe some kind of auto tags and i really want to get rid of those i don't use. The autotag-option in the iOS App Preferences is deactivated.

Thank you :)
  • Hi,
    The same problem. Taggs in iOS present, yet in Desktop and Web they don't. Not clear way tags were added, nor how to delete those.
  • The tags wouldn't come from nowhere, but they might be automatic tags, which can be hidden in the desktop app. If you provide an example from your library we can confirm.

    I suspect the iOS app currently always shows automatic tags in the list. We can look into making it possible to hide those.
  • Hi,
    Automatic tabs in the desktop app are in inactive state (there are no such tags in the desktop app even when the automatic tabs are toggled on), yet those still present in iOS.
    Links demontstrate pictures from desktop and iOS simultaneously. Many other tags present in iOS, and it is still not clear how to delete those.
    Hope it works.
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    What happens if you enter "1_Later" into the search box at the top of the items list on iOS?
  • Nothing, there is no any search result.
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