Feature suggest: search collections from windows file explorer

edited April 7, 2022
Hi everyone,

I share here a case I experienced lastly, and I couldn't find answers in the forum using search; collection; folder (expect other requests mentioning "watch folder" but this not why I am referring to).

One of the big plus of Zotero is that if I need to quickly find an autor (or whatsoever ref) I could use many non-related zotero explorers; like F9 key on my Lenovo ; or ctrl+space when powertoy is one ; or whatsoever add-on (search everything etc.). And windows will find it in my zotero database. So, whether I am in zotero environment or not I could find a reference as a snap. Classic example would be during a zoom meeting and you want to find something quickly.

However, you might already know that this doesn't include collection tittle. While file explorer gives you a list of folders as search result, it will not give you collection tittle from Zotero. I feel it as a problem because sometimes you just remember a group of reference; in my case all the stuff related to my "Interviews". So there won't be any result using file explorer search.

Also from Zotero explorer, it connects to the fact that you could not search within collections tittles. You only have "collection+is" combination of field in advanced search. Implies to skim all your collection tree, which could result in pain to say it.

Does someone know any way to work it around?
I tried with export and report features, but I coulnd't get what I need.
I thought of a feature that could copy the collection tree and create corresponding folder on windows file explorer ; then maybe put symlink of file into it. But then... it comes back to a watch-folder sort of feature. I guess it is heavy in work. So... any clue?

PS: Shorter - I want to find my Zotero collections from windows file explorer.

Edit: actually, there are demands for the same thing (more or less) :

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