Converting Word doc with Mendeley citations to Zotero?

I am converting from Mendeley to Zotero. I have exported by references from Mendeley and imported them to Zotero. All good.

Now, I have a paper I was in the middle of writing that uses Mendeley for citations. Is there some way to convert that to Zotero without deleting and re-inserting all the citations manually?
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    First, to be clear, you don't want to export and import from Mendeley. If that's what you did, you should clear your Zotero database and use the official importer.

    [Update, March 2023: Removed note about existing documents. Zotero can now automatically relink Mendeley citations in existing documents.]
  • Hi! For some reason, Zotero isn't linking Mendeley citations in my word document. I imported my mendeley citations from the zotero app (latest version). Any help?
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    @omarou: Zotero can't currently reuse citations created with Mendeley Cite, only Mendeley Desktop.
  • I see, thanks
  • It is absolutely incredible how shitty mendeley has become. I am so screwed.. I am in the middle of writing, against a hard deadline, and this program is pure sabotage and an awful stressor..
  • @acampo1984: You realize these are the Zotero Forums?

    If you want to switch to Zotero, you can import your library using Zotero's built-in importer:

    You just can't reuse citations created with Mendeley Cite, so if that's what you're using you'd have to replace those citations using the Zotero plugin.
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