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We have noticed that collecting references from our Primo library catalogue via Zotero connector has often a partly bothersome and inconvenient result: both first and last name are scrambled together, and have to be separated manually afterwards.

Typically those are physical books there are problems with - se for instance this search:,contains,disgust&tab=Everything&search_scope=MyInst_and_CI&vid=45KBDK_KGL:KGL&facet=rtype,include,books&facet=tlevel,include,available_p&lang=en&offset=0
All references collected from the page would have first and last name joint (thus authors' names would in reference appear as for instance Küplen Mojca and not Küplen, Mojca)

However, if Export Ris feature - built in Primo - is used, both last and first name are correctly populating their separate field.

Any idea what's causing this, and if anything can be done (and where and by whom)?

Thanks a lot!
  • Any update on this one?
  • What throws Zotero is the inclusion of something like this in the metadata (PNX) under display/creator:

    Barry Smith 1952-$$QSmith Barry

    Specifically, the second part after the Q that's in Lastname Firstname order without a comma breaks things. We do look at the addata/addau field (which is used for RIS), but we're also seeing a bunch of incorrect things in there elsewhere, so we can't just use this. Instead, we compare it with the display authors and that comparison breaks if they're not either in Firstname Lastname or in Lastname, Firstname format.

    We can try to work around this, but I'm also wondering how "$QSmith Barry" ever makes it in the metadata -- that suggests poorly parsed MARC to me and should be fixable and whatever links Primo to the underlying library catalog.
  • @adamsmith
    Here is an explanation I got from our Primo experts:

    "The part of the display/creator and display/contibutor field that is initiated by $$Q can be safely ignored. This part is added to the Primo data normalization in order to function as a uniform query string for lateral linking from the author name in the Primo user interface. So while, in your example, the author name displays as:
    Barry Smith 1952-
    clicking on this entry will produce a search in the creator/contruibutor index for:
    Smith Barry
    in order to include in the results records that have not added the birth year to the author entry."

    Does that shed any light on the matter?
    And thanks for all your help!
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