Some commands like "Copy" fail when editing PDF annotations (6.0.5-beta.1+bb8858569)

When editing comment annotations in the Zotero 6 PDF viewer, some editing commands fail. In particular, "Copy" doesn't work, whether initiated through the menu bar or shortcut.

=== Fails ===
Cmd-C (copy) [nothing copied to clipboard]
Edit > Copy [nothing copied to clipboard]
Cmd-B (bold) [nothing happens]
Cmd-I (italics) [nothing happens]

=== Works correctly ===
Cmd-X (cut) [text removed and copied to clipboard correctly]
Edit > Cut [text removed and copied to clipboard correctly]
Cmd-V (paste) [if something is in clipboard]
Edit > Paste [if something is in clipboard]
Hover menu > B (bold)
Hover menu > I (italics)

(Since there is no Bold or Italics menu bar item, it may be that the Cmd-B and Cmd-I simply don't exist. But they should!)

Running 6.0.5-beta.1+bb8858569 on MacOS 10.15.2
  • We will fix the keyboard shortcuts issue. Thanks for reporting.

    There are a few formatting options, you just need to select text and a popup will show up.
  • Yep, I can see the popup formatting options. (I still think it would be more consistent with convention to put these option in the Edit menu.)

    Just to be clear, what I have described able is not exclusively a keyboard shortcut issue. I am unable to used the Copy command in any way to copy text from annotations. (Both the shortcut and the Edit menu item fail.) To achieve copying, I have to cut and then paste back the original text.
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