Different outputs for a citation in footnote and in bibliography


Thank you for the amazing work you do on Zotero ( the 6th version of Zotero is awsome).
I know a PhD student who would like to get different outputs for a same citation in the footnote and the bibliography. Let's say, the bibliography should contain the access link while the footnote should not. As far as I know, CSL note styles provide only two different formats : one for the inline citation and one for the bibliography (which will also apply to the footnote). Could you confirm that or is there a way to format footnotes differently than bibliography?

Thank you in advance for your help
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    You can certainly format the in-text/note part differently from the bibliography with CSL/Zotero. Look at all the Chicago note styles: https://www.zotero.org/styles?q=chicago&format=note

    If you look at the code of a citation style you usually find at the bottom a section that starts with <citation... and that is where you define what the in-text/note part looks like (e.g. [1]; (Miller et al, 2002); 1. Miller, 2002, "The Beauty Is In The Beast", Arctic Penguin Publishing.).
    Then below that a section that starts with <bibliography... where you define, you guessed it, what the bibliography looks like.

    What happens sometimes is that certain note styles don't have the "bibliography" part defined, so if you actually render a bibliography you end up with the same output as for the footnotes.

    Which style is your student currently using? Then we can give more specific input.
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