Help with Note Template - Newbie

Newbie question -

I use the blue highlight colour to select Headings and the yellow highlight colour to select Main Text.

When I select “Add note from Annotations” is there a way to code a template that Makes all blue highlights a heading3 /h3?

I know how to drive mark down. But don’t understand how to code the translation from highlights into mark down. Any hot tips appreciated.
  • A bump on this one. I'd be happy to pay some to explain to me how to code it, if it is possible, and then make a resource available to others so they can code their own Templates easily too.
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    There's an example of pretty much exactly this in the documentation. Color codes are listed at the bottom.

    This doesn't really have anything to do with Markdown. These are note templates, which control how annotations are added to notes. Markdown export is just based on what's in the note, however it got there.
  • @dstillman - thank you. Yes. I can see what you mean. I guess I'll just have an experiment and see if it works!
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    I've spent the last hour playing around, some how my mind isn't made for this.

    If you'd be open to helpful guide me to getting there I'd most appreciate it. I'd help you in any way I can. Photography and video is my game.

    I've tried looking up - and I cannot seem to grasp it.

    My hope is for - All the settings of the default template with two adjustments:

    Purple Highlight to h1
    Blue Highlight as h2

    What I came too - though it wasn't working!

    {{if color == '#2ea8e5'}}
    <h3>{{highlight}}</h3> {{citation}} {{comment}}
    {{if color == '#a28ae5'}}
    <h1>{{highlight}}</h1> {{citation}} {{comment}}

    {{if comment}}<p>{{comment}}:</p>{{endif}}<blockquote>{{highlight}}</blockquote><p>{{citation}}</p>
    <p>{{highlight quotes='true'}} {{citation}} {{comment}}{{if tags}} #{{tags join=''}}{{endif}}</p>
  • @LilSizzle I'm also not familiar with the template either, but a simple check looks you are missing an `elseif` or `endif` after the second line.
  • @astroHao - thank you. I still don't understand. I'm going to pay someone to learn and then make a guide that is easy to understand for beginners.
  • Yes, I've listed on UpWork. Hopefully someone there can quickly assist.
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    {{if color == '#a28ae5'}}
    {{highlight quotes='true'}} {{citation}} {{comment}}
    {{elseif color == '#2ea8e5'}}
    {{highlight quotes='true'}} {{citation}} {{comment}}
    {{highlight quotes='true'}} {{citation}} {{comment}}

    Was the result and it works!
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