Cannot escape * in new note editor

I'm writing a lot in the new note editor. As in German the asterisk (*) is common to write in a gender-neutral style, I use it quite often in my text. The editor seems to interpret it as markdown, however, and thus formats text between two asterisks in italics. In markdown editors I usually avoid this problem by escaping the asterisk with a backslash (\). This does not work in the note editor, so I currently have to re-enter the asterisks and re-format the text manually. Is there a better solution to this?

Thank you!
  • When automatic formatting is applied that you didn't intend, you can reverse it with undo (Ctrl-Z)
  • Thank you - I didn't realize that it would keep the inserted character, so this already helps a lot!
  • The problem persists in the Z7 beta - it would be great if it was possible to automatically escape the * when the note editor's language is set to German.
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