Plug in for word freezing

edited April 3, 2022

Hoping for assistance with an issue with my zotero plug in for word (Mac).

I have the most up to date version of both Word and the Zotero app. I haven't had any issue with the plug in until today.

When I use the tool in the word panel to add a new citation, the pop up opens to allow me to select what I want to cite. But then when I click enter, the box just turns red and freezes at this stage. I have tried restarting word and zotero. I have reinstalled the add in. But I still can't get it to get past this stage.

Please help!
  • Is Zotero still responsive when this happens? How long have you waited? Can you reproduce this in a new document?
  • Zotero is still responsive. I've waited up for 5 minutes. It reproduces in all documents.

    Sometimes I get this error as well:
    To use Zotero with Microsoft Word on an Apple Silicon Mac, please make sure you're running macOS 11.4 or later. A bug in macOS 11.3 and earlier can cause Zotero to freeze when using the plugin.

    But everything on my computer is updated. I am using the most recent version of Word.

    Please help!
  • What version of macOS are you running? Does it happen regardless of which item in your library you try to cite? Could you produce a Debug ID from the Zotero for the operation that causes the freeze?
  • was there a resolution to this issue, I have the same setup and Zotero is slow to load and freeze.

    is there someone I can call?

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