Notes not showing citations properly

There seems to be a problem with citations in notes (which is a great feature, by the way!).
When I insert citations into notes and check the box for suppressing the author so that for instance it would read "as Bruno Latour writes (2010)" instead of "as Bruno Latour writes (Latour 2010)" this is not taking effect (nothing happens when I check or uncheck the box).
Also, when I add citations that have two authors, and it should read e.g. "Latour & Stengers 2010" then the title in quotes and the year of the citation are shown (without authors at all).
Hopefully I'm not double reporting the issue.
Kind regards
  • I wonder if anybody else is experiencing the same problem? When I do the same thing in a Word file, everything works as expected. So it's definitively an issue with notes or the style that is used in notes. Eventually, if it was possible to select or change style in notes, this would help nail down the problem.
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