List of new features

Is there a complete desciptions of new features somewhere? I might be missing it.

E.g., the changelog mentions emoji icons but I see no descriptions on how to use them, which ones are supported, etc. anywhere in the docs.

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    Show emoji colored tags directly in items list
    This just means you if you use an emoji for a colored tag, it will be displayed directly in the items list rather than showing a color swatch.
  • Thanks @dstillman, this helps.

    Emojis were an example for a more general question about the docs. It would help a lot to have the complete description of the new features. Not sure if I am failing to find that...
  • No, there's no list of new features with detailed description, nor would that likely be feasible given their number. There are details on major features with links to further documentation in the blog post, and there are the changelogs, which are comprehensive but sparse
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    But new features get incorporated into the main documentation. E.g., the colored tag documentation now reads:
    They can even contain emojis (e.g., ⭐️ for favorites), which will be displayed directly in the items list in place of a colored square.
    This is just more of a gradual process.
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