Zotero Storage, Sync, and Group Library

Hi Folks, I have a couple of questions related project gonna work on. Would be grateful if someone who is experienced in a similar situation could assist me.

I am working on a project that ultimately wants to give access to all the reference materials online. Currently, I want to share reference materials only with a limited number of members.

I am happy to opt for the Zotero Storage Unlimited package ($120/year).

My questions;

1. If I create a group library, can I sync selected folders in "My Library" with "Group Library"

(Because I do not want to maintain two libraries)

2. When creating a Group Library, If I choose "Private Groups" at the beginning, later in the project can I change it to "Public, Closed Membership" or perhaps "Public, Open Membership"?

Would be really grateful if a similar experience could share. And how to do this.
  • 1. No, not currently. Improved interoperability between groups and personal library is planned, but there's no ETA for this and it's unclear if it's going to include something that works like a full sync.

    2. Yes, though note that public open membership groups don't allow attachments (Public, closed groups do, with attachments only accessible to group members).
  • I, too, was hoping to be able to have a Group Library that did at least a one-way pull-sync with the relevant My Library folder (as opposed to a full two-way sync, which I'm not sure I want anyway because I'm pretty protective of my own libraries).

    A step in this direction might be the ability to create an RSS feed for a given folder in My Library. Then the Group Library could follow that RSS feed.

    Is such functionality either planned or possible?

    Thank you!
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