Feature Request: Search Result Highlighted with Context Inline

This could work in two locations.

From the library view: when you search (sidebar - perhaps search could have a 'content' only search, deliberately excluding titles, authors, tags) your search term could appear highlighted and surrounded by a few words of context on each side, tabbed over, below each entry. Perhaps with up to two or three (?) matches per item. That way if you search for 'disturbance' you would see something like "... in monitoring these *disturbance*s we find that ..." if that is the text surrounding the match in the pdf. The '*' marks denoting the search term, which would appear in bold.

From the in-text citation entry popup: this might also work in a more limited way, perhaps with only a single match and that match's context?

This would reduce the number of clicks, searches and window switches in the situation where, you have a concept you are discussing in you writing, you know it is addressed somewhere in your library, but who covered it?: you switch to your Zotero library from your text editor, search using 'everything' (because it is the only search breadth that includes the pdf text) and see matching entry titles and authors. Okay, you choose the document you suspect it is, open it, then you perform the search again for the same search term, because it is not carried over from the library-level search. Eventually, you find your source material, switch back to the text editor, open the citation entry dialog, search for the title or author, tap enter a couple of times - done.
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