Feature Request: iPadOS - Compile New Note from Annotations

Hello Zotero,

Huge props for the new version. It has blasted me out of using LiquidText to being all about Zotero.

One function that is super handy on the desktop is right clicking a project file and selecting(from memory) ‘Compile New Note from Annotations”.

This function is not within iPadOS. Is there intention in future to introduce or it is limit of the OS itself?

My request is because I normally use a iPad on the go and being able to extract annotations is the first step in my Progressive Summarisations process.
  • The iOS app doesn't yet include the new note editor in Zotero 6, which includes all of the new annotation functionality, but it will be added in a future version.
  • When that functionality lands it is going to be next level. Is best way to support the service is to subscribe? Any donation section?
  • There may be an independent donation option in the future, but for now ongoing development is supported entirely by storage subscriptions. Thanks!
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