Show / Hide Citation in Note from Annotaions


When I create a note from annotations, it shows the citations that link to the page / content in the pdf. However, the show/hide annotation citations stops working after hiding the annotations for the first time.

Is it a bug or I need to change something in the configurations. I'm using Zotero 6.0.4 on MacBook Air (Intel).
  • Could you provide a video and Debug ID for it happening?
  • Emailed the video on Pardon my lack of tech understanding, can't generate a Debug ID.

    Thanks for your prompt reply.
  • Highlight annotations currently need either quotation marks or to be in a blockquote. And it seems that you disabled quotation marks.

    As soon as you edit a note, highlights without quotation marks are converted to plain text.
  • I enabled quotation marks again and the links work.

    The issue is that my notes are organised more as manuscripts. It was easy with Zotfile as modifications to notes did not disturb the links to the pdf. But with the new annotation extraction tool, the extracts just look too cluttered.

    Is it possible to retain links even after removing the quotes from the extracted annotated text ?
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