New USPTO Public Search - Plugin Not Working

Hi folks - has anyone figured out a way to get items from the new USPTO search into Zotero? We are going to to perform the search, selecting the patent of interest and then clicking on the (Firefox) connector. We only get the generic page link, not the patent results.

This is concerning since USPTO states "In October 2022, other searching platforms (i.e. Pub EAST, Pub WEST, Pat/FT and App/FT) will be retired and replaced with Patent Public Search."
  • Anyone else concerned that US Patent site objects won't import with a link to the patent after October 2022?
  • We're working on supporting the new Patent Public Search site. I'll update this thread when it's ready.
  • That's wonderful news! (We were starting to sweat here... grin.)
  • It's been a year. Has this issue been resolved? I am trying to add a patent to Zotero library and, as pointed out in the original post, I'm only getting the generic page link, not the patent result. Thanks.
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