folders in Zotero/storage with only hidden files

Some of the folders in my Zotero/storage folder only have files like:

and no corresponding PDF, though the contents of these files seem like they came from a PDF. When I search for the 8 character name of the folder in Zotero using "All fields and tags", I get no results.

Can I safely remove these folders and their contents? seems like they must have been meant for deletion but somehow didn't get deleted.
  • Did you check in all libraries? It's perfectly normal to have storage folders with just those files when using download-as-needed mode with "Sync full-text content" enabled — Zotero syncs full-text content so that you can perform attachment content searches without having the PDF locally. You shouldn't delete them.
  • ah, ok. I didn't check all my online libraries no. will leave them alone :-)
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