how to use tabs? (open subcollection in a new tab)

My zotero just updated to 6.0, and I see that there is now a tabbed interface.

This is nice! I've always sort of wanted to have 2 different collections of my library open in separate tabs so I can flip between them more easily.

However, I can't find any documentation on how to use the tabbed interface, despite searching the documentation page of this website and the web in general... Could you please describe how to open a subcollection in a new tab?
  • Tabs are currently limited to PDFs in the new PDF reader, but it will likely be possible to open a collection in a tab in a future version.
  • I'm completely in favor of including this as a feature! It would be great to be able to navigate via tabs since my (sub)folder list is very long and complicated.
  • I'd also love to see this feature! I use pdf expert instead of the built-in pdf reader, so currently don't benefit from the tabbed interface, but subcollections-in-tabs would be a great way to use it.
  • This would be a super helpful feature. It would allow to keep two searches open at the same time, which is something I constantly try to do :-)
  • Also, this might help when searches are cleared when jumping from a PDF to the library
  • Ditto, here.

    For Mac users, though, I just stumbled upon a really nice hack to open *multiple windows*, which for me is more useful than just multiple tabs.
  • Hello,

    Indeed, tabs are super useful!
    Would it be possible to search through them, or to have them listed in a more readable format (for example vertical tabs on Vivaldi).

    What I would really love is to move them to a new collection. Imagine, you navigate through your literature, open some PDFs and scroll through them, and then collect all the results in a collection folder
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