Keyboard shortcuts for annotation tools?

I've searched the forums without finding a definitive answer, plus tried just poking around my keyboard to see whether anything happens...

1) Are there or are there not currently (2022-03-29 16.02) keyboard shortcuts for the annotation tools in the new PDF reader?

2) If not, are there any plans to add them?

3) If not, does anyone know a hack to make it work? (I already use AutoHotKey for other things)

Everything else about the new integral PDF reader is an improvement for my workflow. The lack of keyboard control is a real bummer.
  • I second a desire for Keyboard Shortcuts Manual for annotation. Also, would be great if there were adjustable.
  • In Zotero 6.0.10, available now, you can switch between annotation tools and colors with Option/Alt+1/2/3/4.
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