Feature request: restore highlight colors from previous version in notes editor

I really appreciate the devs' attention to user feedback and that text color options will be restored soon. Could highlight color options also be restored? We went from 15+ colors to 5. I use a variety of colors to organize my notes. I suppose I could use Google Docs for notetaking, but I enjoy keeping my notes right alongside my citations in Zotero. Although 5 different colors provide variety, I also utilized the varying shades of different colors to organize ideas and topics (for example, light purple and regular purple indicate grouped topics but some degree of difference). I also understand that my method of organization is unorthodox, but I am a very visual person and I have seen other requests for restored highlight colors. If this is not possible, I would really appreciate some sort of acknowledgment of the loss of this feature so that I can stop worrying about whether it will return. Thank you!
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