Keyboard Shortcut for adding Citations to the Notes Editor

Hi all,
since the beta I've started using the Note editor more and more for writing and find it really useful and well-designed. What would be helpful for me, however, would be a keyboard shortcut to add citations into the text. In LibreOffice I could achieve this via a specified shortcut and I think Google Docs has always had this feature. Of course I can always use the mouse and click the item, but I'd prefer to keep my hands on the keyboard.
Is there any way of achieving this at the moment? If not I'd be grateful if it was considered for inclusion!
  • I'd appreciate this feature as well, as I am also writing more and more in Zotero.
  • same, really missing this, I keep reaching for /cite{} but that doesn't work here... Also can't find a work-around for this. Even Zutilo doesn't have a shortcut option for this.
  • For now, I use Alt + F10 to focus toolbar, then navigate via arrows to add citation button. If this doesn't get implemented by developers, I guess the solution would be adding a script via Actions and Tags plugin.
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